Fighting for Home

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Let's bring new leadership to Congress for North Carolina's 6th District (Guilford and Forsyth Counties)

A North Carolina native and daughter of a military family, Rhonda Foxx is a Democratic candidate for Congress in North Carolina’s 6th District. Rhonda launched HBCU House, a platform that connects students to 21st century career opportunities. As a former Chief of Staff to Congresswoman Alma Adams for five years, Rhonda helped launch the Congressional Bipartisan HBCU Caucus and was instrumental in the push to diversify Capitol Hill. She co-founded the Black Women’s Congressional Alliance and the bipartisan and bicameral  Women  Chief’s Alliance. 

Rhonda's Top Priorities

Fixing our broken criminal justice system and addressing the cradle to prison pipeline. We are leaving too many of us behind.

Investing in education. Levering the cost of educating and investing in job training is the great equalizer. We have a responsibility to knock down barriers to education and to invest in workforce development. Our District is home to three HBCUs, including our nation’s largest, ensuring they are equally funded is a top priority.

Making healthcare a basic right and stomping out healthcare disparities. No longer can we tolerate a system that allows our skin-tone and zip codes to determine our outcomes. We must eliminate healthcare disparity while driving down the cost of healthcare prescription medication.

Fighting for a more livable world. We must make our streets safer by passing true gun-reform and cleaning up our environment by stopping environmental injustice.

Representation. We aren’t going to address inequity in our policies if we do not have more diverse leaders at the table. Inclusive policies result from inclusive representation.

I’ve been at work in Washington fighting for our home -- I’m back and ready to continue that fight